Friday, July 27, 2012

Neglected Abode

 Ugh, the one thing summer keeps me from doing is finishing up the little tasks I have set to fix the case up a bit.  The sunshine beckons the fam outside...hiking here, camping there, exploring any which where we can find. We are absent from the home more than half the time. Yet, the myriad of "to-do's" remains, and I am reminded of them every time I walk through the place.

So, with the intention of embarrassing myself in front of you folks and motivate myself to get this all done before I let another guest into my home, here is all the unfinished business...


A good couple inches too short. I loved the bright cheery curtains (does wonders for those dark winter days), but this just looks so wrong! Yeah, I know, measure first before buying....but they were the standard length and I didn't want the curtain rod mounted lower (higher rod placement makes windows and rooms look bigger). I just need to add some sort of fabric trim to the bottom to lengthen it up...or shall I say nag the hubby to do it for me (he is the sewing master in the household as he uses sewing machines at work when he fixes aircrew parachutes). Oh, and please ignore the ugly baseboard...base housing, you know.


This makes me laugh. I didn't want to obscure the view from this window, and I figured a pelmet box would do the trick without leaving it looking undressed. I ventured to make my own pelmet window box matching the curtains on the other window out of this tutorial I found online using foam core board, batting, and staples.  It looks passable...except this was just a trial run and the back of this pelmet looks absolutely awful with white duck tape (I ran out of staples) and the whole thing running just an inch too short to be mounted properly.  Major do-over required!

The sight of this actually makes me angry.  I hate cord clutter. Cord management project has been ignored for the past year. It shouldn't take too long, really. I don't know why I don't just do it.

 Practically the same problem with the first curtain problem, except in this case, I had to rip the hem off so it could be long enough to reach the floor.  Problem is, it is too long and the sheer fabric is starting to unravel.  I just need to run the adjusted hem through the sewing machine and it'll be a project success, yet, it still isn't done.

We moved the girls toy storage shelving down the wall to fit in a reading nook in the corner.  The wall anchors left behind need to be puttied and plastered over. Eyesore!!!!


 This curtain rod has been standing next to the window for a couple months now, waiting to be hung....

Horrible lighting. The playroom has these extra large bins to fit their extra large toys, but they've just been sitting on the floor.  Gotta draft a plan to make extra shelving for this since store-bought shelves are too small.  Also, note those white shelves on the floor...they belong to that shelving unit in front of it.  During the move, we lost those silver little pegs that hold them in place. Quick trip to Lowes to hunt for spare ones will solve this problem.


The kids' board games have taken over my craft closet. I just need to re-organize this. ;-)

So there you have it. Many many little things with simple solutions still undone. Ugh. Embarrassing. Here's to hoping I get off my tush to get it off my list...

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