Thursday, July 12, 2012

Alaska Aviation Museum

 This was a last-minute Plan B destination as the weather promised to get ugly if we attempted an Eagle River Nature Center hike with our fave Palmer gals a couple days ago.  The Alaska Aviation Museum, located on Lake Hood (floatplane base) next to the airport is a nice little place to take the kids on an "indoor" type of day.

There were four "hangars" in the main building with displays of different types of aircraft used in the region.

 The girls especially enjoyed the cockpits and flight simulators.

This, we didn't enjoy much.  The lady at the admissions counter boasted of the Alaska Airlines 737 parked outside, informing us of its availability for event rentals at a rate of $250 an hour. Catch is, it was used as a reindeer cargo plane and because they "love to keep its authenticity", the accompanying odors are still prevalent. We climbed up the ramp, stepped inside, and immediately stepped back out. 

There were numerous aircraft on display outside as well. We even got to witness a floatplane take off. This is great place to take a kid hooked on anything airplane, that's for sure.  It was cute, although, I, personally, probably won't go again. ;-P

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