Saturday, July 7, 2012

Montana Creek Camping--Day 3

 Our last day in the area, we were finally able to light a decent fire (wet conditions led to campfire frustrations). Dylan and Sophia teamed up this time to make this one. (We've been building fires for several years with the children. They respect the dangers it represents and they are always supervised.)

We headed out to the creek for one last time. The girls donned their boots so they could wade in.

 Skipping rocks, throwing contests, and pretend fishing were all on the agenda.

 Of course, there had to be one tantrum.  She was upset she couldn't find a good "fishing stick".

After a bit of pleading with mom, she was finally given the go-ahead to wade in with her bare feet.  With water temps as low as they were, barefoot wading did not last very long at all. LOL

And so our camping adventure ended on a high note and sunny weather. We had a fabulous time with our friends and with each other. It's looking like multi-fam camping trips are on the horizon!

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