Sunday, April 14, 2013

All Aboard! Alaska Railroad's Easter Train


Since the event that called for multi-colored eggs strewn haphazardly across the surface of a semi-frozen parking lot, and fighting to keep my kidlets from being bulldozed over by other eager children and their even more overzealous parents is NOT my idea of an appealing Easter themed activity, we had to think of something else. Mister and I had wanted to take them on this trip for the last two years, but we always remembered to buy our tickets too late. Not this time!

The Alaska Railroad holds special event trips like this, including the Polar Express trip during Christmastime, and even beer/wine tasting trips, throughout the year.  For a fee, you embark on a trip from Anchorage to the little town of Indian (situated along the Turnagain Arm), then head right back.  During the trip, themed arts and craft activities, a coloring contest, and visits from a magician and the Easter Bunny himself take place. Big plus? Mommy and Daddy get to look out and enjoy the fabulous scenery that Alaska always has to offer. 

The girls watching the crew prepare the cars for boarding.

Note all cars are glass-domed.

Playing Hangman

Dall Sheep were all over the cliffs along Turnagain Arm.  This little one was our favorite. We also saw a moose inside the city limits, and bald eagle during this trip.

As the kids busied themselves with coloring and assembling an Easter egg mobile, Mister and I couldn't draw our sights away from this scene.  The tide was on its way out; you could see the floating icebergs retreat rapidly with it.

Love that we just had to sit comfortably in our seats and Bunny came to us.  

Waving to the train passing us.

Little Miss Liv so proud of her work.  Although every child received recognition over the intercom and received a small prize for their artwork, Liv got first place in our car. She received an Alaska Railroad train set as a grand prize.