About Us

We are an Air Force family, subject to the constant challenges of life in the military. After a splendid eight years in beautiful Utah, we are relocating to Elmendorf AFB, Alaska! This blog will chronicle our life--discoveries--adventures during this particular assignment.

Meet the Fam!

The Mister or Louie
He is the family hero, having served over 15 years in active duty to include three deployments to the sandbox plus countless others during his stint with SO. He is the fam's calm of the storm.  Solid, reliable, and just an all-around good guy.  He stashes an endless vat of patience to deal with the crazy Missus and the three kiddos.

The Missus or Winnie
The author of this blog, she is simply a living, often breathing, contradiction.  Organized yet frazzled, clean but lazy, goal-oriented yet master of procrastination...She bides her time as a stay-at-home mom writing, digi-scrapbooking, Facebooking, reading, and planning vacations/projects/obsessions. Hopelessly addicted to food and travel. She is wordy and tends to overshare.

Mister D  or Dylan
The ticking time bomb of raging hormones and preteen angst, our oldest tends to follow in the footsteps of his father.  Quiet and considerate, he is self-proclaimed as "chill" in all subjects outside of sports.  Otherwise, he is rambunctious and loud, spitting out stats like an almanac while watching/jumping/yelling/cheering for whichever team he is rooting.

Soph or Sophia
Genius reader and animal/dinosaur fanatic, she is comfortable in her own skin and refusese to fit in any standard conventional description of what a little girl "should be." She is spunky and fun, and so smart she baffles her parents and teachers alike.

Liv or Olivia
The teeniest of the fam, she makes up for what she lacks in size with a gigantic in-your-face-i'm-gonna-get-what-i-want-whether-you-like-it-or-not personality.  She has an amazing gift of turning on the charm, making her parents melt just as they hit that threshold of needing to give her a good thrashing.