Sunday, July 21, 2013

Going Off the Grid at La Caleta: Epic Kayaking and Someone Turns 15!


This young man turned the big F-I-F-T-E-E-N on the second day of our stay in Sadie Cove. He claimed use of the hammock for the day and he requested a kayaking sojourn into the head of the cove at high tide.

Louie and I had to learn how to read the tide table, since we needed to figure when the best times would be for novice sea kayakers to be out there.  Tides, currents, and winds can make things pretty tricky on the water...not to mention that capsizing into Alaskan waters is NOT an option...we had to be very careful of our timing.

Luckily enough, this gorgeous Alaskan summer kept it up for us. High tide came and the waters were like glass.

We had spotted a couple of sea otters floating in with the tide, and we hoped to catch a more close up look at them, but we think they got a little shy.

Hubby who seems instantly adept at any sport he undertakes moved like an expert kayaker and was very comfortable with maneuvering a hefty tandem kayak with the two girls sharing the berth in the front.

Dylan and I managed to work as a pretty great team.

Like I said...the water was perfect. It was like kayaking on a lake. 

The head of the cove was a mile down from us and ended in a lagoon that is only flooded during the high tides.  At that point, all sorts of wildlife teem there to feed on the swarms of salmon spawning there.

Crappy picture. I don't really know how to photograph things underwater. But there were so many salmon swimming underneath our kayaks. If we had brought poles (or nets) we could have caught a few to grill over the fire.

We saw bald eagles (probably the ones that are nesting outside the cabin) swooping down to catch the fish. Unbelievable sights.

After a couple of hours on the water, we headed back to shore.

The girls insisted on sharing the hammock with the birthday boy.

 S'mores for dessert before dinner.

 Power naps

 shell collecting

 It had gotten windy the night before and during the tidal change, a buoy washed up on our shore.  Dylan insisted it was a gift to him from the sea, cut off the rope, and took it home with him as a souvenir to hang up in his room.

The Mister cooked up a spaghetti dinner (noodles for long life, right, my Asian peeps?), and since we couldn't fit a proper birthday cake in the cooler, we plopped some candles onto his plate and sang him the birthday song.

After the girls had gone to bed, it was his wish that we play a board game. He was winning (until it was past midnight and not his birthday anymore, at which point, the Monopoly master (yours truly) proceeded to whoop some ass. LOL.

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