Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sightseeing Alaska

 I am obsessed with photo ops, especially AK photo ops, because, honestly, you can't get any more beautiful backdrops than here in this state.  Well, the time finally came for us to search out the perfect arctic lupine field along Turnagain Arm.  They bloom from late spring into early summer, give or take several days since this year's weather has been all sorts of wacky.  So, off we went on an unusually warm sunny AK day down the Seward Highway to the Bird Point Scenic Viewpoint.

Since we were already more than halfway there, we headed down to Girdwood and check out the Virgin Creek waterfalls.  This isn't a well known "hike" since it's a ways off the other more travelled trails in the area, although it is well worth the little jaunt from the parking area.

To get there: drive down Alyeska Hwy until you cross over the Glacier Creek bridge. The first street you will come across is Timerberline Drive. Take that right and follow it to the very end.  There, you will find space to park four vehicles or so.  The trail is approximately two tenths of a mile.  It parallels the creek and there are steep drop-offs, so hold on tight to your little chickitties. Before you know it, you'll have the splendor of the falls in front of you.

Tired little puppy.

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  1. Alaska has some really amazing sightseeing opportunities out there. Even for those that aren't thrill seekers there is still a great deal to do.