Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Random Updates

 Hello! It is yours truly again popping up after yet another long absence. So what's new?

- Well, it is winter. As expected, the autumn period lasted for...hmmm....a day or two? A freak windstorm came by, knocked down trees and power lines all over the place, and then BAM! the snow is here.  Note, however, I am not complaining.  I love winter (in the beginning anyway...my enthusiasm flags around February or so when we are buried in hundreds of inches of snow) and the holidays.

- The kids are enjoying school. My high schooler is hauling home awesome grades and even got awarded a Best Student at Mathematics certificate.  Dylan and Math? The Mister and I had to scratch our heads at that and ask if he was serious. But the boy just shrugged and said, "Yeah, I guess it's starting to click now." Yay! Sophia received an Academic Excellence award for the first quarter and her teacher wants to get her tested for the Gifted Program. Olivia got a Citizenship Award (gasp!).  I was shocked....hahahaha, then guilty for not giving Miss Sassy Pants enough credit.  She CAN be a good girl when she wants to be...

- Hubbyman is enrolled...college courses in pursuit of his Community College of the Air Force degree! I am crazy excited for him, as this kept getting thrown to the back burner because of other more "important" matters. I, on the other hand, am on an extended break. Business Law (gag!) did it in for me. I will NOT take another class until after the holidays, thank you very much.

- What else is going on? Louie turned almost forty! Dylan is in the midst of basketball tryouts. The girls are preparing for their holiday piano recital on the 1st. And I am sitting here frustrated with the seemingly lackadaisical way usajobs.gov is run (don't tell me my rating for a vacancy is 98 out of 100 and make me sit here and wait and wait and wait and wait). I have a budget tech position and a human resources asst. position with the VA I am waiting for interview dates. I HATE waiting.

- Not a lot of snow right now.  Just an inch or two. Certainly not enough to sled, snowshoe, and try out the nordic tracks around the area. We are waiting for it to come down so we can go have fun!!!

No pictures as I apparently used up all my 1G of picture space for this account. I'm gonna have to figure it out without having to pay...

Anyway, apologies once more for being absent yet again. Until next time (whenever that may be)!