Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Bite of Alaska: Talkeetna Roadhouse

 One of the famed eateries of Talkeetna, the Roadhouse has been on our Alaska restaurant bucket list ever since we touched down in the arctic. During our camping adventure at Montana Creek, we finally found time to make a quick drive up to the town and try it out for lunch.

This is a family-style, seat yourself establishment known for its larger than life portions.

Having had pancakes for breakfast earlier, I didn't think I had it in me to have another for lunch.  I did spot a neighboring table's single order of blueberry hotcakes spill over the sides of the already humongous plate. (Note to self: do not eat pancakes for breakfast before coming to the Roadhouse next time)

So I ordered the poutine. Fried potatoes and reindeer sausage nuggets smothered in gravy and melted cheese.  The potatoes were perfection with a crunchy, toasty crust. This was my heart attack on a plate meal for the month. It was a very large portion, and despite my hunger pains, I could only finish a little more than 1/4 the plate.

Liv ordered a half side of mac and cheese (yummy) and a perfect sized portion for her. Dylan had the reindeer burger pasty with a side of mac and cheese. He was VERY satisfied with his. Me, I'm not such a fan of reindeer meet unless it is in sausage form.

Miss Sophie insisted on the cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting, straight out of the oven. This is the item the Roadhouse Bakery is famous for...and rightly so! We all had a nibble of hers and WOW! I am willing to drive the two hours to Talkeetna just to have one of these again.

This is the hubby's order. We can always count on him to ask for the same breakfast dish every time, no matter what restaurant we are in.  This is the dish called The Standard: scrambled eggs, thick sliced peppered bacon, and fried potatoes topped with a thick slice of bread.  Oh, and get this...that right there?'s only the HALF order. 

We were definitely satisfied with the grub served here.  I liked the casual atmosphere and the family dining style. This may just be a family go-to every time we stop by Talkeetna.

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