Saturday, July 7, 2012

Montana Creek Camping--Day 1

From the start, I had my reservations about this trip. It was the hubby's squadron organizing the event, and of course, when I don't have any control of the situation, I immediately get negative about everything. But despite so many others canceling, king fishing restricted, and rainy weather forecasted, this camping excursion has easily become one of the family's favorites.

Armed with supplies for any weather situation and the knowledge our good friends will be there, we set out on the two-hour drive north to Montana Creek Campground.  On Mile 96.5 on the Parks Highway, it lies midway between Willow and Talkeetna.

It is a decent-sized campground with spaces for RV's with electrical hookups towards the front (and closer to the highway) and more secluded tent sites under cover of birch and spruce trees in the back. Montana Creek runs alongside to the north.

 I loved that there was a general store at the campground...despite my manic checklist checking and re-checking, we forgot drinking water (who forgets drinking water? really!).

We've perfected setting up a tent in the pouring rain (set up tarp above the site first and then bust out the tent) and discovered the best method of avoiding skeeter bites (Off fan clips).

The next day, we got together with two other families and set out on the Talkeetna Lakes Trail with our bikes.  At Mile Marker 12 on the Talkeetna Spur Road, the trailhead is on the right hand side. The lady at the visitor center said it was around 5 or 6 miles, although it seemed more like 3 to 4.

All of us gearing up to ride the trail.

Throughout the ride, we were gifted with these views!

Here's my Hercules-hubby.  Liv=35 lbs, Soph=45 lbs, Roxy=10 lbs, bike trailer=10 lbs.  He hauled 100 lbs behind him on these inclines. There was a significant amount of huffing and puffing but whenever I looked back, my hubbylicious was still grinning at me. 

These two screamed with delight at every downhill drop and cheered their daddy on.

Back at the campground, the adults took a break while the kiddos got together for some mud pie making.

Since it was the 4th of July, we got together for dinner and munched on delicious grub (Miss Becca's ribs were heavenly, thank you for sharing!). The first full day of camping a definite success!

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