Monday, July 23, 2012

Denali National Park: Lessons Learned

 After the numerous posts of our trip to Denali, I wanted to do a little recap for those who may want to try out their own adventures there.

  • This is not a day trip. There are waaaaay too many things to do in the area. We stayed four nights and still feel we could easily stay another week.
  • There are nice resorts and lodges just past the park entrance. DON'T go there. If you want a uniquely Denali experience, stay at a park campground. I would feel comfortable tent camping in Riley Creek with little ones, but we opted for the camping trailer and we were very comfortable. I cannot say enough great things about Riley Creek Campground. 
  • Be prepared for weather. We were blessed during our stay with sunshine and 60 degree temps, but have rain gear and insect repellent. There's no point in wasting a day or two of huddling in your camper/tent just because of a little rain.
  • Take a bus ride (shuttle or tour...depends on your preference). It truly is worthwhile.
  • Take advantage of the Junior Ranger Program and loaner Discovery Kit backpacks. It will enrich the children's experience in the park.
  • Hike! There are soooo many trails in the entrance area. Plus, if you take a shuttle bus into the park, you can hike your own trail anywhere you please.
  • Compared to $3.84 a gallon here in the city, gasoline at the park is $4.60. Yikes! AND, make sure to fuel up at the Talkeetna gas station (we did that and had an 1/8 tank left when we got to the park). An extra 5 gal. canister of gas is a good idea just in case.
  • Enjoy!

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