Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Something More Permanent

  It's been exactly seven days since we loaded up the car, a process we have perfected from all the loading and unloading since January, and set up residence at our assigned house on base. Three hours and two hundred and forty-eight boxes since the moving truck arrived, the unpacking began. Presently, there are still fifteen sealed boxes awaiting my attention. But, how can I describe the perfect bliss of folding my aching tired body into my own luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets? It's as if the universe knew all too well of the discomfort of the past forty-five days and is making it up to me in the form of a wondrous sleep experience. LOL

For seven straight days, the only fresh air I've gotten is from stepping outside to supervise Miss Sophie's walk to her bus stop (just one house over on our side of the street) and her return later in the day. Gone are the days of bundling Liv up to make the drive over to Sophie's school in the morning and parking thirty minutes before the school dismissal bell rings to get an optimal spot in line in the afternoon. This whole time, I've been cooped up in our new house, putting things in their proper places, and loving every minute of it.

I will be posting several "before" images and gradual "reveals" as the place starts to come together. I'm frustrated at the lack of home decor resources here. Ashley's is not my kinda thing, especially since I'm trying for a more contemporary fun look. I'm tempted to use the few days I have during my Utah trip next week to score some great finds and make UPS a whole hell of a lot of cash.

But here's to something more permanent...in a four-year permanent sort of way!

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