Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Bite of Alaska: Snow City Cafe

  The first sight of the jam-packed lobby automatically signaled *jackpot*!!! I consider other patrons' willingness to suffer late-morning hunger pains for an hour or longer just to imbibe in this institution's wares as a very promising indicator of the place's excellence. I am pleased to report that I was not mistaken (when am I ever? LOL)

Snow City Cafe, on the corner of L and 4th,  has an eclectic urban vibe to it, reminiscent of some artsy Seattle cafe. It seems the servers make an effort to keep up with the theme as well (or maybe the place just attracts "interesting" applicants). Our server, a pretty girl with a large nose ring, a bleach blonde buzz cut, and long feather earrings definitely fit in (she was a great waitress, too!). I fell in love with the place.

And then the food came...and cemented the permanence of my love affair with this cafe.  I was pleased a kid's menu was available offering traditional fare for picky predictable kiddie palates.  I, in an effort to sample new dishes, ordered the sockeye salmon cakes with two eggs over easy, sourdough toast, and a perfectly cooked crispy brick of hash browns.  The salmon cakes came in a pair of medallions, with generous lumps of pink meat, diced red onions, green bell peppers, and green onions. I am particular about how my eggs are cooked, and mine were perfect.  Ultimately a great choice.

The Mister had his usual two-egg breakfast. Ho Hum. Dylan didn't care much for his chicken sandwich. It had a sweet ranch sauce and thinly sliced apple on multi-grain bread. I thought it was divine, but it clearly was not the D's idea of a good sammich. 

But here was the jewel of our breakfast, with all five Fam Och members unanimously agreeing on the best thing of the day: REINDEER SAUSAGE.  It came in a six inch 1 inch in diameter cut link, sliced lengthwise and charred on the grill.  It was smoky like a polish sausage, with an unmistakeable...well....I guess...reindeer taste. It was heavenly!

We are anticipating many returns. However, we will be sure to call ahead to be placed on the seating list. Although, I wouldn't mind waiting another hour. It's that good.

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