Friday, January 21, 2011

Product Review: Nook Color

Yeah, I know, I already had the original Nook. But how could I pass this one up? Initially, the iPad seemed like a great new gadget to set my hopes and savings on.  After some research, I trashed the idea for two reasons:  1)  I already had an iPhone. Did I really want to fork over at least six Benjamins just so I can do the same things I can do on my phone just so I can see it bigger? Uhhhhh, no.  2) It didn't have a word processing program.  So basically, it's a glorified iPod Touch.  Not impressed. 

Then this beauty came out.  Here's what I love about it:
1. No booklight needed.  The backlit design can lead to eye strain. But, I'm used to staring at a computer all day.  Besides, screen brightness is adjustable.
2. No buttons.  I hate buttons. I'm a touch screen brat all the way.  I simply tap the screen to turn the page.
3.  Oh, and turning the page? Instant! One thing that irked me with the original Nook was the lag time in between pages.  I can whip through a page fairly quickly and nothing is more infuriating than waiting for the next page to load up. 
4. Magazines! In color! This clearly placates the guilt I harbor when I dump my old magazines into the recycling bin.  Yeah, I know, it's a recycling bin.  But still, isn't it much more green if it was digital all the way? Publications are cheaper than hard copies, and I automatically get the new issues once I subscribe. 
5. Shopping online for new reads through the Nook Color is...well..colorful.  Who wants to shop in b & w? I am guilty of judging covers.  I always will be. With that said, good thing I have this gadget.
6. Kids books.  Yes! Picture books for my youngest! So much lighter to pack on the plane. Simply plug in the headphones to the jack, select "Read to Me" and you don't even have to narrate to your munchkin.  (The iPad and iPhones have this app feature available, but book selection is severely limited.)

Love it!

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