Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Looking Forward

It's coming fast. The Utah farewells are happening as you read. Dinner engagements, parties, handshakes, hugs, and thank you's. Vehicle prep is scheduled, moving trucks and packing folks appointed, trash dumped, others donated. So what's on the agenda?

First, we will head here:
The designated port is in Tacoma, and we need to deliver the car there to ship to Anchorage. We will take advantage (when do we NOT take advantage of being in a cool place?) of the trip and stay some days downtown to show the kiddies around. Soph can't wait to ride the elevator up to the very top of the Space Needle and Dylan wants to see the Jimi Hendrix guitar in the Experience Music Project. We'll do the whole tourist thing and purchase the CityPass and maybe take the kids on the ferry to Bainbridge Island.

Then, we are flying here:
The most anticipated vacation by far. We booked a villa that sleeps 12 with a private heated pool (separate post) ten minutes from the kingdoms. The best part of the trip? My favorite Brits are coming down to vacay with us. I am bursting with excitement to see my cousin (whom I haven't seen in ten years) and her family (whom I've never met before). Disneyworld & Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure touring, here we come!

After a week in the sun, we will fly here:
The three years of Yukon living start upon landing. We anticipate at least a 30 day stint in the base's temporary lodging facility until a housing unit vacates for us.

At which point, we will be unpacking into one of these townhomes on base:
Definitely a change from my beloved rambler with finished basement. BUT, I can't wait to make it mine, which will be a challenge I'll meet head-on, especially if I have to survive another six months without the hubby.
The fam sure has a lot in store in the next couple months. Hope you all check in periodically to see!

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  1. Awesome! I will keep checking this out. You do such a great job of telling your story.

    Love you guys,
    Aunt Sharon