Sunday, January 16, 2011

Organization Amidst the Chaos

Is it possible to not lose your mind during the moving process?


I wanted to tackle this like I do any of my other projects: with a detailed game plan. Two weeks out from M-day, we are right on track in a clean house (no doubt!) and most importantly, relaxed. I can't quite share the deets of the game plan itself for fear of being long-posted. There are certain rules to follow:
1. Start ASAP -- More time equals more peace of mind. I received many an odd look when I mentioned I had moving issues to take care of five months out. Time invested immediately after orders notification is time invested wisely.
2. Baby baby baby steps -- moving is a great excuse to minimize and truly pare down the junk that has accumulated in our lives. The big picture is daunting as every square millimeter seems to be busting out with unnecessaries. Everyday, conquer one nook here and maybe another cranny there. Start way in advance and by the time M-day comes, you have successfully weeded out the entire household without breaking a sweat!
3. Keep a calendar and check back everyday, twice a day -- Plan out what you need to do and break it up (rule number 2). It is NEVER a good idea to wait until the week before to make sure you have everything you need. Tying up loose ends shouldn't be your whole task list! Check in the morning to confirm your daily tasks, then check back in the evening to re-assess the game plan.
4. Semper Gumbi- -- Maintain flexibility! As organized and scheduled as I am, I keep it balanced by not freaking out if something does not go exactly as planned. If you followed Rule 1, then you have plenty of time. Simply reschedule.
5. Stay positive -- It is often heartbreaking to dig up roots and transplant elsewhere. When little chickitties are involved, even more so. The attitude you present can set the whole mood. Positive feelings foster positive events. Look forward to what lies in store instead of dwelling at what is being left behind.
6. Relax!!!
That's it, plain and simple. Moving is hectic, involved, and emotionally draining. But if you keep these points in mind, it'll run smooth as butter.

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