Saturday, January 29, 2011

Turning Off that Homing Signal

  There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.  ~Jane Austen
You know that strange feeling you get when away on vacation? You can't quite put a finger on it, and it often gets buried underneath all the vacationing excitement. But when you finally return home and lay down in your bed, you realize that vague discomfort was a yearning for home. Because the truth is, we all have a homing instinct, don't we?

We are going on four nights sleeping at our temporary lodging unit on base.  One-two-three-four.  And still, some part of me is anticipating laying down in my my that house we spent nearly eight years building our memories. As much as I crave the adventures of new travels, I also yearn for the comfort I can only find at home. I have a feeling turning that homing signal off, pulling me into that lovely neighborhood filled with equally lovely neighbors, will be a struggle.

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  1. aww Winnie. I know that feeling. It's awful! I was there for 5.5 yrs, and moved around so much. I think we spent 2 yrs in the house on base and it was so hard to leave. I can only imagine what it's like leaving the house that you built together. Breaks my heart for you. Just think, before you know it you'll have that connection to a home in Alaska. The life of a military spouse. It never gets easier, but you acquire a lot more friends to help you through! Love you!