Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Updates

August is a busy busy month.  Aside from the ripening berries fueling my berry picking obsession, this month has much in store for us.

  •  As you can tell, the fam is winding down in regards to the constant go-go-go excursions. The big camping trips are out of the way, now replaced by quick drives/hikes to forage for berries. Last year's berry harvest was unimpressive, yielding tart blueberry pancakes. Yuck. This year's bounty so far has been excellent.
  • With our berry inventory building in the freezer, I've been able to experiment on new recipes. I've never had any luck with berry muffins (they always sank to the bottom)...until I found THIS RECIPE online.

The batter was so thick I worried a little, but it seems it was the key to holding the berries aloft throughout the muffin.  They were delicious! I did substitute the streusel topping with a different recipe provided by the first reviewer's comments (less butter). 
  • Next recipe to try is this with the batch of red currants I collected from the base!

It's so gorgeous, I can't wait to try it. To get this recipe-->CLICK HERE!

  • Back-to-school shopping is finally over. Either my Miss Sophia had finally grown or I've somehow shrunk all her clothes...she needed a complete new wardrobe. I only bought Liv a couple of new tops since Soph's clothes from last year fit her now. My high schooler was by far the easiest to shop for, with the majority of the items he chose ordered online. And by golly, once pencils and backpacks and shoes were all purchased, my checkbook was hurting.
  • Drafting a resume after ten years of military service is tough. I'm trying to translate everything I've done into civilian terms. I'm hoping this degree plus my experience will land me a job I'll be happy in. 
  • A new chapter in our lives is about to start. All three of the children will be in school full time for the first time. The days of having a baby in the house are over, and I am in a state of heartbreak over it.  I'm trying to stay positive and note the endless possibilities that this situation actually presents to us...although there are times I am simply mourning. 
  • Classes for my MBA program have started again. The month-long break was wonderful. I'll be hitting the books hard for this course, although I am actually enjoying the subject.
  • We have one major holiday (Labor Day) coming up before the start of snowfall arrives. Plans are still undecided. Any locals have suggestions? Thinking Seward getaway (Exit Glacier hike)...but I don't know...

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