Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Getting Dirty: Mud Run

The fam participated in Anchorage's first ever mud run. The adults and kids 13 and older got to run a 5k on a muddy trail before the mud "obstacle course" at the end. Children under 13, to include my Sophia ran a 2k with the course at the end as well.
 There's my Dylan, jumping in...as if he wasn't filthy enough. LOL

Dylan and his friend David. 

Sophie loved having a friend to run through the icky mud with her. 
Note the shirts and tutu (Sophie didn't want to wear hers....booo). The mommas got together a couple days before to make the "Real Girls love Mud" shirts and colorful tutus just for this race.

 My loves. So proud of all of them. Especially proud of the hubby who had just come off profile, re-injuring his back at the start of HIS race, and still managed to finish and go straight to accompany Sophie in HERS (another mile or so).

 The whole 537th group who participated in the run with their finishing medals. It's so much more fun with friends!

 These went straight in the wash when  we came home. I have no idea how to clean their nasty shoes...I'm thinking they'll go straight into the garbage!

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