Friday, August 10, 2012

Pinterest Project--Giant Multi-Picture Frame

 I love gallery walls. I have always wanted to hang one. The problem is I can't quite choose which pictures to frame and hang.  The Fam has SO many pictures...from SO many adventures and precious little moments...I can't pick just a handful.

Soooo, on my daily perusing of Pinterest (oh how I love you) images, I zeroed in on a larger than life frame with a grid of Instagram pictures, I knew I had my solution. No more despairing about having to leave out a great picture...I can put them all in there!

First, I narrowed down which pics I wanted in the frame.  Instead of Instagramming it and figuring out how to download onto my computer and then printing, I purchased a $5 desktop app called Instant.  Same premise as Instagram, with the various filters that can be applied to the images, it just applies a Polaroid-like layout to the finished picture.  I selected the 150 or so pictures (I told you I had a LOT, and picking those was difficult, too) I wanted on 4 x 6 photo paper and trimmed them to the Polaroid dimensions.

 I then put together four 20 x 30 foam core presentation boards ($2.99 ea at Michael's) with Masking Tape.

 Giving an allowance for the crown molding that will act as its frame, I laid out the images onto the board.

 I struggled with Mod Podging the images to the board as the paper kept curling and warping on me. I actually had to rip some pictures off and reprint them.  I finally settled on a very very very thin layer on the undersides of the pictures, waited for it to dry, and brush an even thinner layer on top.  Then I used a spray sealer to evenly coat the whole thing.

I had the hubby cut the crown molding to size and stapled the board to it from the underside.

A simple caulking job for the molding corners and voila! CHEAP as heck giant picture frame!

The whole thing sits on the floor, but is mounted to the wall at the top to keep it from toppling over rambunctious kiddos who like to play tag around the dinner table. It took me two days to complete, mainly because of my Mod Podge issues (printing out the pictures and trimming them took the longest). Not bad for a total of $23. I don't think I can find a frame that big for that much.

Oh, yeah and this project was done to ignore that to-do I've been ignoring forever....those too-short curtains! LOL

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  1. I really love this! I've been looking for a way to display all of my holiday pics in my bedroom (I couldn't possibly pick just a few favourites!) and this is just perfects! I was wondering though, do you know how much this cost you (roughly)? I'm on a bit of a budget - if I'm going to convince my parents to let me make one, it'll have to be cheap haha. Thank you! :)