Friday, April 6, 2012

A Place for Everything...Important Documents

I don't know how many times I've read of some type of disaster in the news: a house fire, a tornado, a flood.  The survivors cry, "We've lost everything. All of our pictures, our memories..."  The thought of losing my family's pictures filled me with an overwhelming wave of dread.  I needed to protect our memories!

And so this is how this one desire to keep cherished family pictures protected blossomed into a full-on document safekeeping/organization project.

Major purchase numero uno:

Sentry Safe Water and Fire Proof Safe

It cost less than forty bucks (small investment) and required the hubby's muscle to carry it to and from the car. 

First, I backed up every single picture into my external hard drive and popped it in the safe. Whew! Pictures safe!

Then I thought, well, I have all this space in there.  I DO have other important documents that need to be protected or at least in one location.

I grabbed the flimsy accordion file folder that held our family files (birth certificates, vehicle titles, transcripts, etc), labeled file folders, and got organizing.


Passports and social security cards fit nicely into this cute zip pouch I found for a dollar at Target. Note the little black external hard drive (the sole reason for the purchase of this safe) relegated to the lid. LOL

All important documents filed, checkbooks and deposit slips in another zip pouch, and frequent flyer cards slipped into an extra passport cover...tada!!!

Everything in its place. No rummaging around numerous file boxes, trying to find the ONE document you need NOW.  And they are safe. 

Oh, and to give you a dose of overkill, our emergency evacuation kit has a thumb drive with copies of these documents plus a bonus with our pictures as well.

How do you file your important documents?

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