Saturday, April 21, 2012

Big Top Circus Party for My Girls

 First, they wanted Pinkalicious...then it HAD to be Candyland...until they finally got crazy excited about the circus.  So circus it is.  The girls' birthdays are one week apart, and naturally, for any $$ saving mother, a joint party is a must.  The thing with joint parties, though, it needs to be special. Here is my attempt at special:

In keeping with the circus theme, a foodie feast was out of the agenda.  Instead, simple fare was had: corn dogs, french fries, popcorn, cotton candy, cupcakes, and assorted drinks! MIL and FIL's suggestion was genius! Why not just purchase the cupcakes and replace with my preferred cupcake liners? Total time saver!

I tried to get a variety of colors, to coincide with the soda bottle labels I purchased. Barker's Brew = Stewart's Root Beer, Strong Man Super Soda = Izze Sparkling Clementine Juice, Carnival Cider = Fruit Punch (found in international food aisle).

The girls each had their side of the serving table.

As thank you favors, a box of animal crackers!

Don't mind the corn dogs that haven't been put in their places yet.  heehee

The Mister and I decided to keep away from the circus slash carnival theme parties with a dozen midway game booths because we simply didn't have enough manpower to supervise all of them. Instead, we wanted more of the three-ring circus performance stuff.

Who knew that a PVC pipe, a pool noodle, a wooden board, and colored duct tape could transform into this "bongo" balance board? Super cute and super fun for the kids!

 Circus "high wire" made of a two by four, duck tape, and two bricks.

Balancing barrel fun!

We also had a photo "booth" with clown noses, silly hats, and giant bow ties for the kids to goof off in front of the camera.
(Liv and her friend...and yes, they are the same age. LOL)
 This little boy was a ham, trying on the different masks and demanding a picture each time! Too stink in' cute!

My eight year old and her friends from school.

 We only had a couple of games since they were occupied with the activity stations in the room.

 The egg relay race

classic pin the tail on the donkey

I was running around and prepping for this party for months, but still frantic until the very end.  Special kudos to my dear friend Jessi for saving the day and coming early to help me keep my wits about me.  The girls had a fantastic time, and seeing as how everybody else had a smile on their face, their guests as well.  Thank you to all our guests for coming and making my girls' day with your presence and your generous gifts.  Until next year!


  1. where did you get the cupcake liners?

    1. Britany, I ordered them from Etsy. I just searched for "circus party" and it had popped up. Are you planning to throw one of your own? It's super fun!