Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Quest for a Nitpicker's Perfect Planner

Control freaks need planners.  I (control freak numero uno) require one to properly manage a household of five (plus Taco Bell doggy). My planner reminds us of important occasions, eliminates excuses of "I forgot!", keeps bills paid, and ensures we do not go hungry (meal planning, folks, is a wonderful, wonderful thing). But there was a humongous roadblock  to all this orderliness.  If the planner-du-jour didn't quite meet ALL of my specifications, I had this habit of not using it. And so began the quest for the perfect one.

 In a previous blog, I posted an entry about the "perfect planner" (click HERE).  It had so much of what I was searching for.

Requirement #1:  it had to be pretty.  Yep.  That's right.  It had to be pretty. I have no desire in dealing with a standard monochromatic notebook. It has to make me smile.

This is the Erin Condren Life Planner.  I heart it to bits. I am on my second volume. 
Isn't it lovely?

One of the great things I loved about it is this:

At the back of the planner are sheets of colored sticker labels.  Genius! I could color code family members/types of events! (A complaint I had about the writing surface is corrected in the latest version).

Well, what's the problem, then? Hmmmm...well, Miss ERIN freakin' Condren only includes just a couple sheets of these sticker labels.  Three months into the planner, and I've run out of them.

Apparently, this is a common complaint about this planner, since the FAQ section in her website addresses the issue by saying: NO, they do NOT have additional sheets available for purchase...but, HEY, they DID add a couple more sheets to this year's planner.

Whoop-Dee-Freakin'-Doo, Erin.  That just buys me an extra month of labels then! What about the other two-thirds of the year? Really, it boggles my mind...people who use these planners, who invest in these ($40+) planners are busy busy people in need of LABELS!!!!

Anyway, I'm not about to turn blue holding my breath for the adjustment. Here's my own SOLUTION:

I actually purchased the 25 pack. Pretty Pretty Colors.
I'll color-code it my damn self.

And so it is a perfect planner...FINALLY.

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  1. Love the creativity inside of your need for organization ~ make it pretty. I so agree. If you have to look at something over and over again, it better bring a smile!