Friday, February 3, 2012

Accidentally on Purpose


Olivia always gets to pick a treat at the commissary checkout counter for big sis (who was at school at the time) and herself.  This last time, she grabbed two little boxes of the Willy Wonka candy Nerds.  It's a small container, just a tad bigger than a matchbox, with two compartments (one for the pink candy nuggets, the other for the purple). As I was putting groceries away I observed her set one box aside in the pantry, and sit down with a partially opened other box at the counter. She ate all of the pink candy, and left the box with the remaining purple pellets on the counter...I assumed for later consumption. 
No biggie...

When Sophia got home, she asks: "Did you get me a treat, Liv?"

Liv nods, "Yeah! I got Nerds for you! It's on the counter."

Sophie plops herself up on the barstool, picks up the box, and frowns, "Why is it open?"

Not missing a freakin' beat, "Oh, I ACCIDENTALLY ate all the pink ones."

Sophie's frown turns into an all-out glare, "And where's yours, then?

Olivia skips to the pantry, pulls out the unopened one, "It's right here, I saved it for me."

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