Monday, January 30, 2012

A Place for Everything...Entryway

I have issues. Let's just get that out there right now. I have issues with random objects laying around in random locations. The entirety of my household inventory has its own designated place (yes, even the toys, and specific toys in specific bins at that).  It's just the way I am. I find joy in knowing where everything is (and the term control freak comes up yet again!). Many have critiqued me, saying I spend so much time cleaning/organizing/planning that I am missing out on the simple things in life. Aheeem.  Well, it has also been said that ten minutes of organizing is an hour gained in the future.  Besides, the simple things are mornings in which I am not frantically running around the house in a quest to find Sophia's other glove so she doesn't miss the bus.

Anyway, I digress.  My lovely sister, Miss Smitten (check out her blog, HERE, it's fabulous!), has requested I share some of my organization projects since the area is not her forte.  I am the stickler for order, and she is the creative free spirit.  So, in the effort to appease the spoiled brat (j/k, you know I love you...well, sometimes..), here goes:

Up here in AK, houses require an arctic entry...a foyer of sorts, where one could enter through the front door, shed outerwear and snowy boots, and pass through yet another door to the interior of the home. It serves as a buffer from the ridiculous cold and keeps interior plumbing from freezing and exploding. Fam Och's particular arctic entryway is a mere 5' x 6' box of a space.  But with the help of Ikea and Target, I've turned it into an orderly little area.

We don't have an Ikea here in Alaska. The closest one is in Washington state, and the majority of their goods are unavailable for shipping (meanies). But in the extensive research I performed after PCS notification, I was able to plan ahead and purchase the items I thought would fit in this cozy little base housing unit.

1) Tjusig in white.  Double duty as a coat rack, and storage platform on top. We also purchased another rack just like it minus the hat platform for the little ones' coats.

2) Stave mirror in white. Simple and clean and lovely. Perfect for last minute touchups. 

3) Stall shoe cabinet in white. This is the official dumping ground for my girls' shoes.  Really, it can only fit 8 pairs of adult shoes.  But so so much more itty bitty ones. One side is Liv's, the other Sophie's.

4) Canvas bins. The pair fit perfectly atop the coat rack. These store extra hats, gloves, scarves. 

5) Tsujig bench with shoe storage in white.  No need for hopping around on one foot trying to pull a shoe on.  Where the bigger shoes go.

6) Bright Vines Rug from Target.  Just a splash of color to liven up the area.  The gray hides dirt well...big plus!

7) Itso 3-compartment storage tray from Target.  For those in the fam with keys: Mister, Dylan, and yours truly have our own separate tray to toss keys, wallet, sunglasses, and other misc. stuff in. Fits perfectly atop the shoe cabinet.

8) A little Ikea one, to remind those who are super slow to get a move on it lest they miss their transportation to school!

9) Boot tray.  This is an essential piece as snow and ice stuck to our boots tend to leave a big muddy puddle on the floor. Conveniently, ours sits facing the vent which helps the boots dry more quickly.

Our Entryway:

Note that the children's coat rack is hung at their level. They can put their coats on and put them away all by themselves. Sophie's backpack belongs there as well.

So there you have it. 

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