Thursday, December 29, 2011

PI Vacay: Splash Island, Laguna

A real huge plus living where my mom lives is the super close proximity to this water park. Ten minute the PI, the shorter the drive, the better. The Mister and I rounded up the clan and treated everyone to a day at Splash Island. Another awesome plus...the regular admission price of P500 per person (approx. $11.60) was slashed in half because we were residents of the town. 

P250 per person for 24 persons = P6,000 ($124 USD total)
Can anyone say SCREAMIN' DEAL?

We arrived early and rushed to the VIP villa (first come first serve) and claimed it as our own.  The villa's living room portion is enclosed by glass walls, with the sleeping quarters and private shower further inside.  I have this thing about public shower I have issues about all sorts of stuff with potential germ the P5000 ($119USD) was well worth it, especially since that villa is the only place within the park with air conditioning.

There is stuff for everyone here. There was a kids pool and playground area, but my girls preferred the wave pool. My mom was gracious enough to take them under her wing while the Mister and I joined the adults for more adult sized fun.
This is called Magellan's Drop.  It can be a bit disconcerting laying on a thin rubber mat, stomach down, head first, waiting for your go-ahead to push off. But the thought of smokin' all the other three in this race was more fun than scary. (Dylan was a tad nervous, so I told him to lift up on the mat when he wanted to slow down...which was of course a complete actually made you go faster...But he won his race with his cousins, so he didn't complain. Lol)

There were inner tube slides, enclosed slides, some you can ride with a partner, and others you had to ride alone.

Our favorite was the Rio Montanosa, a slide you can ride on a giant raft that holds five adults. We all endured the thigh-burning climb up several times with our big group just to scream all the way down again.

Francis, Sophia, Andrea, Auntie Linda

 Lulu, Auntie Elsie, and my mother sitting on the "shores" of the wave pool.

Marie, Olivia, Richelle, Andrea

The girls with Kuya Francis

Since it was December and considered a "cold" month (is there really such a thing in the Philippines?), the park is only open from Friday to Sunday. We would have happily gone more times had it not conflicted with all our other plans. If you are ever in the Metro Manila area, Splash Island is a must-see.

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