Thursday, December 29, 2011

PI Vacay: Pistols and Revolvers and Bullets, Oh My!

 My younger cousin is a rookie cop (and also my youngest child's favorite friend, but that has nothing to do with this particular post). Of course, he finds a lot in common with the hubby.  During our first day there, I needn't worry that the Mister would be avoided/ignored since Jasper chatted up a storm and asked a multitude of questions about his service.

Anyway, it was during that day that tentative plans were made to go target shooting. It was agreed that he and a friend would supply the hardware if we supplied the ammo.

Unfortunately, the actual day of, I was nursing a nasty migraine so I had to bow out (who would want to be in the same room with a chick who is nauseous, sensitive to light and sound, and carrying a loaded gun?). So the boys plus T'Anna bounded off, a .38 revolver, .45 pistol, and a heavy heavy box of bullets in hand.

 Normally, minors are not allowed to participate in the firing range. But, as most things involving rules in the Philippines, a bit of "negotiating" gave Dylan the go-ahead. For the record, the hubby is very very comfortable with these weapons and I was there when the safety lesson was administered.

My boy and his first time shooting.

Dylan's target.
Pretty ghetto, huh? But hey, there's no reason to waste resources if the holes can simply be covered by masking tape and reused. LOL

This was hubbyman's target. 
Note the gaping hole in the center of the head. Pretty damn impressive, wouldn't you say?

T'Anna shooting for the first time as well.

They had a great time while I napped the pain away. They decided to do it again, that time with Jasper's new gun (they do not issue weapons, cops must actually purchase their own), aiming at cans near the lake.

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