Friday, December 30, 2011

2011: Closing the Books

 It is time once again to let a new chapter in the Fam Och saga begin. But as always, closing the books on 2011 requires a bit of reflection.


It's what seemed to be the theme of this past year.

The biggest one being leaving this behind.
This one event was by far the most difficult thing we had to do. Dylan had his first swing here. The girls came home from the hospital as newborns here. We had numbers of Easters, Thanksgivings, and Christmases...opening presents by the fireplace...Simply put, this place housed every Fam Och memory for eight years. Leaving it suddenly made us feel vulnerable and unprotected somehow.

But we soon realized that although the circle of 2325 West will always have a special place in our hearts, home is always always always where the heart is.  And this little townhouse unit on base at present, fits the bill.

We've minimized and redesigned, explored new ideas, and set up house and made this our home.

Alaska is a place of wonder and adventure. Nature in extremes of beauty and weather, there really is nothing like it. Fam Och thanks its lucky stars every day we get to partake in its glory.

We've travelled on many occasions, whether on a train tour to see Mt. McKinley, or a plane trek across the Pacific to see my hometown. 

But when we look back at this past year, the main thing that comes to mind is how this family has banded together and hunkered down against all the difficulties of change. The Mister and I look at our children and see the most well-adjusted, truly wonderful kids we could ever have. And really, what more can we wish for?

So bring it on 2012! 

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