Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In My Humble Opinion: Facebook

 I "stole" this saying from a dear friend who knew how opinionated I am and gifted me one Christmas with a journal with the same title.  I have this idea to just start this entry and repeatedly post it after an update or two...because we all know how these "opinions" of mine never run out, right?

I tell ya, ranting and raving on the web has been nothing but cathartic. Although there are quite a few that make readers uncomfortable with my bitching, I can't stop! I don't feel better until  I talk about it, write about it, and click on that pretty little orange button called "Publish." So, rest assured, friends and family, there will be shiny happy posts left in me yet. Stay tuned for those. But in the meantime, here's another one of the different sort.

Let's talk about Facebook, shall we? Isn't it awesome? World-wide sharing in real time! Boy, do I love it. Chances are if you are reading this blog, you are an FB friend of mine as well.  So we all know how updated you all are in my day-to-days, correct? I share A-L-O-T! And although I misstep a time or, here is one of the things I try to avoid doing.

1) Diss the hubby.  Mind you, I don't post anything false, either. All those bragging posts of how wonderful the Mister are all true.  But have you seen one in which I am seriously complaining about him? Nope, don't think so. Especially if the Mister's bosses/colleagues/bosses' wives are part of my friend list?  You see, as the wife, I am blessed with knowing and appreciating my husband as a whole. I appreciate him despite the buttons he can push.

As an FB "friend," you don't.  All you can gauge his character on are my little ditties about him.  Why would I want my friends to just see the negative? Wouldn't that make him seem like a jerk? And wouldn't that make me look dumb because I'm putting up with it? And why in the world would I want my husband's chain of command thinking anything negative about my man? His career keeps the food on the table. Enough said.

Yeah, yeah, there's a gripe here and there...but they are all minor.  When there's an obvious trend in your updates that may suggest your husband may very well be a certified douche, it's time to get counseling, baby.  Facebook does not offer that service....yet.

**Stepping down from the blogging soapbox. And....bow, curtsy, blow kisses...Drop curtain**

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