Monday, June 18, 2012

Random Monday Updates

 As the sun refuses to set and yours truly is starting her annual summer struggle with insomnia (time for Ambien prescription renewal), it is smack dab in the middle of the Alaska summer season.
  • The midnight sun is a strange phenomenon. Much like the lack of sunlight in the winter, but much happier, I guess.  At random points during the late evenings, that sunshine streaming through the windows slaps me with this overwhelming urge to go outside and do riding, hiking, driving, shopping, pulling weeds, you name it. I get antsy, thus the insomnia.
  • Tuesdays have turned into Library day. Free books and with a 40 item limit per family for 30 days to boot. We go after lunch and we spend the rest of the day lounging and reading.
  • Wednesday mornings are dedicated to the Summer Movie Express program held by Regal Cinemas not even three minutes away from the casa. $1 admission only...G or PG films...can't beat that!
  • The girls have taken up music lessons. Sophie plays guitar.  Yes, she can play her first song very well (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star). It's just a simple single note plucking, but she is bound and determined to get "good enough to strum a Taylor Swift song." Little Livy and her little fingers play the piano now, and she can also play the same song as her sister. As many of you who know how big a role music played in my younger years, you can understand why this has me ecstatic!
  • I am enjoying having my young teenager at home. Our quiet conversations have revealed such an insightful kind-hearted young man...although he loves to pick on me by reminding me that in four years, he'll be off to college. What???? Not my baby boy!
  • Our adventuring this month has been toned down a bit compared to the one before. We've stayed close to home, riding our bikes around the neighborhood or down to Fort Rich to the cool playground there. The big adventures come in July with a three day July 4th campout with the hubby's squadron, a rest week in between, and then the big camping trip to Denali National Park.
  • Wildlife viewing has been remarkable this season! Last year, aside from the hubby man's almost kissing a black bear in the mouth at Otter Lake, we saw several moose and that was about it.  This year, moose and their calves are everywhere, and even bears! Many many sightings on base, with one big black bear crossing the street right in front of our car just last weekend.  
  • The Mister got to check off an item from his bucket list: Midnight Golfing! Twilight tee time at 1940 on Father's Day Eve, and he and Dylan finished the 18th hole at midnight oh one on Father's Day. Not to mention, it was at Moose Run (Creek Course) arguably the best golf course in Alaska according to Golf Digest. 
  • This crazy course I'm taking at UoP is driving me batty enough to consider a month long sabbatical to get me going again. Phone call to academic counselor happening in the morning.
How's your summer going so far?

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