Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Making a List...Checking it Twice...

 I've had a couple folks ask about what exactly we pack when the fam goes off into one of our camping adventures.  Although each camping trip is different and may require different things, I usually work off a checklist (you know, 'cause I'm OCD like that). I do a lot of checking everything off, re-checking everything again, and again while we are loading the car.  I stress myself out pretty well during this time, but I've learned it's well worth the anxiety to do all this beforehand, because nothing BLOWS more than realizing you forgot an essential when you've already driven two hours to your campground.

This list here is everything we've accumulated over the years for our camping trips. Now, we don't take everything on this list, of course unless the type of trip/location calls for it.  For example, there are times we leave the doggy behind...therefore those items don't come with.  There are trips we won't take our bikes, or if we do, and the type of bike trail near the campground is a paved one, and we want to go further without little legs getting tired, we'll leave the girls' bikes behind and just take the trailer.

Sometimes, sleeping pads are too space consuming to haul with us, as in the case of the Eklutna backcountry trip in which we simply took just our bags and roughed it. 

Food items don't really make it onto this list as our food menu for each trip of course, that's a whole other list! 

We do not compromise on weather and emergency related supplies, however; they are with us on each trip (even the short bike rides to the other side of the base).  Weather flips fast here in AK and hypothermia can set in even at 50 degrees (which happens quite often during AK summers). Rain jackets are always within easy reach.  

Funny thing, though, no matter how neurotic I get, there's always ONE thing that gets left behind. Always, without fail, happens every time. But at least, it's always been something small that we can replace by stopping at a gas station somewhere along the way.

Anyway, hope this helps you peeps get your own lists going. I like to look at others' blogs and their lists since I always find a "hey, why didn't I think of that" kind of item.  I keep this spreadsheet on my computer, adding or removing things according to the ever changing needs of the Fam. It's definitely helped me in the beginning when we first started venturing out into the outdoors (Liv's first camping trip was when she was two months a tent...with temps at night dipping into the 40's).  Hopefully it'll get you guys out there!

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