Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thwarted Plans

 Up north(aka Alaska), August is considered the start of the autumn season. The ridiculously short summers are why Alaskans live their June and July months in this frenetic gotta-soak-up-as-much-sun/warmth-as-we-can. Having received a taste of the coming winter months when we arrived in February, Fam Och is happily following suit, going outside when the opportunity presents itself.

I had dreams of an Arctic Valley hike and exploring Hatchers Pass and the Independence Mine this weekend. But since my sacro-iliac joint has gone wonky once more and has a death grip on my sciatic nerve, it looks like we must postpone. Boooo. There is nothing more frustrating than looking out the window at the bright sunshine and being restricted to bed rest.

Instead, I shall be on my behind, knees propped up on pillows, making plans for our first visitors to Alaska.   My momma will be bringing my niece Madison for three weeks and I am bound and determined to convince them that Alaska is THE best place on earth.

I suppose Arctic Valley and Hatchers Pass can wait until their arrival. *sigh*

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