Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sutton, BB guns, and ATV's

 I have to admit.  I was wrong. There are so many people here who are crazy about ATV's (more aptly called four wheelin'). I'd smile politely when it came up in conversation, but I was never truly impressed. What was the big deal, right? And goodness, it can be so dangerous!

Well, our good friends, the Davidson's are a four wheelin' fam.  Their little ones have their own helmets and hitch rides with their parents practically every weekend. It was inevitable that an invite would come up to join them, and in the sake of keeping friends, we drove up to Sutton to visit on their long weekend RV'ing getaway. First thing I heard when I stepped out of our vehicle: "You and Och can hop on and ride up the mountain."

Ahahahaha. They could smell my fear. I know this because of all the reassurances I heard from R & M that I would love it. I didn't want to be rude, and besides, I'll try anything once (well, almost anything). The Mister received an impromptu driving lesson and I hopped on the back with him at the handlebars and followed the group up into the trail.

It was freakin' awesome. We were more cautious than the rest of the group, driving a bit slower, hesitant to spray mud up all over us. But it was great. They took us up to what everyone calls "the heart of the mountain."
Check out the heart-shaped formation in the upper right corner of the pic. Pretty neat, huh? I was able to enjoy the scenery once properly braked and pointed away from the narrow lookouts. Just gorgeous up there. We came back down with nary an injury except for a broken nail when the Mister slammed us into a pothole a bit deeper than expected. 

Sophia begged and begged for her Daddy to take her for a ride. Afterwards, the Mister came back laughing, saying Sophie was shouting and hollering through the whole ride, "Best camping EVERRRR!"

And this little one is never one to be outdone. She saw her sis put on that helmet, she immediately stomped in front of our gracious host and said, "I want to ride, too." So M went out with her for a little spin as well.

Unfortunately, Mister D was a bit under the weather, probably because of his unusual choice of sandwich he made me build for his lunch (pepperoni, mozzarella, and pizza sauce between two sandwich slices). He wasn't feeling well enough to ride. Although, he had a grand ole' time competing with the rest of the boys involving a BB gun and a string of soda cans. 

It was a grand time, a perfect fun-filled day during this long weekend. Thank you, Davidson's!

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