Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Lesson in Ska

The plan was to dance. The Mister and I haven't gone out dancing in quite some time. (Note: although I can hold a rhythm, the dancing prowess most definitely belongs to my other half) We got the kidlets fed, bathed, changed into pj's and left them with our teenager (LOVE the fact we have a live-in babysitter!).

Projected itinerary: Eddie's Sports Bar (Country) and Club Soraya (Latin)

The country bar was situated in the basement of the sports bar, with a U-shaped bar table setup around the small dance floor, with a live band at the other end. Hubby taught me to two-step (pretty simple, but killer for some reason on my hip joints) and we glided across the dance floor in a counter clockwise parade with everyone else.  

We decided to try some Latin dancing next (hubby loves to salsa), headed to Club Soraya to find it shut down. This is what I love about nights like these.  When something doesn't quite work out according to plan, it usually means there's something epic waiting around the corner.  And epic it was.

The couple we were with suggested another bar in midtown called Taproot, with the intention of catching the swing dancing (they are fantastic swing dancers). We made it there, but swing it wasn't...and we couldn't figure out the music at first.

The band is called Nervis Rex, six men in suits, ties/bowties, vests, hats, and sneakers playing a genre of music called SKA.  Never heard of it before then, but it was FANTASTIC! It's like a mix of punk/alternative rock with brass instruments.  They played contemporary music (from my heyday)...seamlessly tying in Greenday, Bob Marley, Barenaked Ladies, Marvin Gaye, Color Me Badd (didn't see that one coming), and so so so much more.  The dance floor was packed with folks who simply felt the urge to jump around, hippies who like to do that swaying with arms thing, and everyone in between. The hubby and I danced, swayed, jumped, sang, and yelled until they closed. 

I am now a bonafide fan (purchasing their CD makes me one now, right? Oh, and I 'liked' their FB page so I can follow their schedule) and will drag all my local friends the next time they are in town. So JBER folks, now is the time to have a babysitter on speed dial, because you are ALL coming with next time around. 

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