Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random Monday Updates

 ...on a *ahem* Tuesday. Oh, well, I've dropped the blogging ball so many times, it's like dribbling a basketball. Anyhooo...what's up with Fam Och, you say???

-This is the start of the first full week of summer vacation for the kids.  Although I am meaning to keep them gainfully active during these next couple of months, I confess to taking advantage of opting out of bedtime struggles, early morning wake-ups, and structured meals. Just these last few days, anyway.

-Constant sunlight is here. The bud break has happened (as evidenced by the frequency of birch pollen induced sneezing), and the grass is starting to green up. This means a trip to the nursery is inevitable to plant flowers that will bloom and bloom and bloom in the bright Alaska summer sunshine. (They say after Memorial Day is the best time to put them in.)

-We've geared up for adventures! We've put those bicycles to good use...spinning around the base and down the Anchorage coastal trail. We have found a perfect activity that every one of us enjoys that doesn't require much planning at all. Score!

-I've accumulated a page-long list of home decorating/organizing to-do's. But I'm reluctant to dedicate time to them, since this daylight is constantly beckoning the fam to venture out.  I suppose it's okay to leave the digs looking a bit shabby right now.  Indoor work should be saved for the winter time, right?

-Dylan will be confirmed in the Catholic church in two days. He's worked hard throughout the year in his CCD classes. To say the Mister and I are proud is a gross understatement.

-I'll have more activity-specific posts coming up soon!

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