Monday, March 12, 2012

Random Monday

 I've been horrible at updating, aren't I?

Here are several tidbits on what we've been doing lately:

  • Spring Break has started for the kiddos. This makes me laugh because whenever I look outside, it still looks like the dead of winter here. Today is my last day of my Bachelor's degree, so this is also a break for me before I start on my Master's in a couple weeks.  We are considering skiing lessons, a couple trips to the indoor playground, and perhaps a trek to Palmer to visit friends.  
  • Birthday planning for the girls in April is in full swing. Candyland got thrown out the window as if they never jumped up and down with the thought of it.  It is a circus theme now, and the option of changing it is banned and punishable by death now that I have purchased supplies.  I'm going all out with this one, it is a double party after all...and they didn't have one last year.
  • We are making progress in leaps and bounds when it comes to picking up the girls' mess and making their beds. This is due mostly to the "Oh, no, you didn't put me away" toy hostage box I've started filling with random children artifacts I find on the floor  or anywhere they don't belong for that matter. I'm mighty pleased with myself.
  • Mister Dylan is busy with basketball at school. He made the varsity team, and their big tourney is coming up soon. 
  • The Mister is busy at work. They received great compliments in their recent UCI or CUI or CIU or whatever acronym they changed it to now. Yay for the hubbyman!
  • Organization endeavors are being tackled in mini projects, posts to come soon...although, after all of those, you all will probably think I'm majorly psycho. 
Until next time!

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