Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Perfect Travel Kicks for Kids

Well, now that TSA has revamped their security screening procedures for kiddos 12 and under, I suppose this won't make as much a difference as it would beforehand.  But here it is anyway...

Fam Och travels frequently and the children are well-trained on airport procedures. (It doesn't hurt that psycho Missus Och holds a drill or two at home on security checkpoint actions before the flight.) We've received many impressed/surprised reactions when the girls plop their backpacks/hoodies/shoes in their own tray and push it down the conveyor belt all by themselves. The only hiccup that hasn't been perfected is the chaos involving the whole fam struggling to re-don their shoes and get out of the way of others passing through...someone needs their laces tied or a sock gets bunched up towards their toes that the heel won't fit inside the shoe...Well, Crocs (I know many of you think they look hideous) are the answer! BUT, since TSA has ruled little ones need not strip their shoes off going through security....well, it shouldn't be an issue anymore...

Except, my kiddos will more than likely want to kick off their shoes once settled in our two thousand hour flight across the Pacific Ocean, get cold, put them back on, kick them off only right before they need to put them back on again because they need to go potty.  And the genius of the slip-on shoe is worth the $30 bucks again.  

What I like about this particular shoe for this particular trip:

  • The removable fluffy fleece lining.  This is perfect for dual-weather trips like this. The kids need warm and cozy kicks to keep the piggies toasty during traveling time (it is expected ANC will be hovering around 5 degreed Fahrenheit)...but they will also need breathable, lightweight, sockless ones for the 85-90 degree temps awaiting us in tropical heaven. Two-in-one slip-ons mean less packing space needed! Yay for more space!
  • The adjustable back strap.  It can be shoved aside for hurried simple slipping on, or if you are trekking across to another terminal, the strap can be put in place to keep the shoe more secure.
They are available at, or if you're local to ANC, Fred Meyer has a whole section devoted to them.  Anything to make this trip or any trip less stressful.

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