Friday, June 24, 2011

Otter Lake Weekend

 We spent a glorious weekend out at Otter Lake, renting a cabin for two nights, grilling out, sitting by the firepit, and boating on the lake.
These cabins sleep a maximum of six, with electricity, a small fridge, beds, & wood-burning stove. 
E-1 thru E-6 = $50/nt
E-7 & above = $55/nt
Minimum two night reservations during the weekend, and three during the week.
If you want to rough it a bit more, there are others available (although they are not lakeside) that are rustic all the way.

This was taken close to midnight.  The kids were already sent to bed, and the Mister and I just sat out there, taking it all in.
 There was a double bed and a set of bunks in the rear bedroom, and a pull out double in the front room.
 I always love the lake first thing in the morning, when the wind is still, and the surface mirroring the mountains. It's breathtaking.
 Trolling motor boats and pedal boats are available for rent from the boathouse for a mere $25 every 24 hours. 
 The kids loved going out on the water. We had our own boat dock in front of our cabin, and we would just hop on and out onto the lake throughout the day. We even had a picnic lunch on the boat our second day there.

I love that we have this place so close to our house. Twenty minutes, tops, and I am showered and clean and back at the campground. (I know it's a bit prissy of me. I can't help but want to be clean when it's so easy to do from here.) Please note, for those prospecting to do this as well, you need to get a recreation pass from any of the base gates (Ft. Rich gate is much less busy). Reservations can be made 30 days out from the Ft Rich Outdoor Recreation Center.

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