Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Bite of Alaska: Moose's Tooth Pub & Pizzeria

When the Mister checked us in to temporary lodging, the well-intentioned man behind the desk slipped a list of local restaurants over to him, pointed to a "Sicily's Pizza," and gave the trust-me-I've-been-here-awhile look, " You'll be calling this often."

Now, either that guy has a stomach of steel and deadened taste buds or he was just a simple @ssh0le playing cruel pranks on newcomers...but that place was downright sh!tty. Again, Google came to the rescue. (Oh, my beloved search engine, how do I love thee?)

 Moose's Tooth, on 33rd and Seward, is the type of pizzeria we were looking for.  All sizes, even the small pizzas can be ordered half and half (yay, for my girls' teeny tiny stomachs).  The menu is loaded with tons of choices, it was so hard to settle on one.  We finally came to this consensus:  Half Greek Gyro(deconstructed gyro--lamb/tzaziki sauce/feta)/Half Chipotle Steak and Half Popeye(spinach/red bell peppers/feta/mozzarella/mushrooms)/Half Blackened Rockfish (yes, folks, Sophie loves anything seafood).  All were deeelish. 

Dylan, our bottomless pit of a son, of course was the only one who had room for dessert, and he opted for the Glacier Bear Cheesecake.  It is a frozen honey cheesecake, topped with cinnamon, with a praline graham cracker crust.  Wow!

All beers, including the root sort, are drafted in-house, and can even be taken home in jugs.  As we were currently burdened blessed with the company of little ones, the Mister and I only guzzled sampled the root beer. Loved it!

We plan on many returns for both family and big kid dates. Count on coming here if any of you decide to visit!

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